3 for 3 in 2017

So unlike yesterday, my run today had a soundtrack. I choose the Fetty Wap channel on Pandora and hit the pavement hard. I listen to a lot of rap, but not just rap; I like a lot of other genres, but we can delve into my music tastes later.

So the game plan of today’s run was similar to yesterday’s where I’m just focusing on logging miles, surging at times, but mostly just working on good form and building a solid base. My training goal is to be able to run 100 miles a week consistently before next cross country season.

With any run, workout, or even race for that matter, you usually want to pace yourself so that you are increasing your speed as you go or at least maintaining your pace. Today was one of the those “today is the day” runs, and by that I mean,  I started out down the drive way like I was being chased by dogs, because I got delusional about my current fitness level thinking I was in Olympic shape, resulting in my fastest split. I like to joke that pacing is for losers and that real men just go all out, all the time. In reality though, pacing- pacing correctly- is a must.

I ran nine and half miles and I felt good. I did have a little tightness in my legs, but that just means my old ass needs to do more yoga, rolling out, and hit the sauna. When I was getting back into shape over the last couple years, I learned rather quickly that there are things I need to do if I want to stay healthy and continue to run. Yoga and the foam roller, among other routines, are musts if I want to stay healthy and whoop up on these whippersnappers next cross country season.

A healthy diet is something I have become stricter about since getting back into shape also, but since I’ve been home for the holidays I have just eaten whatever I want, in whatever large increments I can fit inside my belly. I blame the binge eating on all the tasty food to which I have been subjected. Like Annie sings, “Tomorrow, Tomorrow”, well I’ll worry about eating better tomorrow or maybe when I head back to New Mexico Highlands University next semester.

After running I had dinner with my parents and then we met my Aunt Judy at Wildwood Nature Preserve for a lecture on humming birds. My grandma aka Humma, loved those little guys. I enjoyed being with my family tonight and learning more about those fascinating, fast moving, beautiful little birds. There was one hummingbird that was tagged and was reported in Alaska, Texas, and here in Pennsylvannia. Those little fuckers definitely get around.

Three days into this year and it looks like I need to start wearing sunglasses 24/7, because my future is looking pretty damn bright.


I know these two images are not hummingbirds, but they are from the nature center where the lecture was held.

https://www.strava.com/activities/820317650  today’s run info on Strava

Second and First

Just finished my second run of 2017 and I am now attempting to write my first post for this site.  Since I don’t know where to start, I’ll tell you about my run and we’ll see where this goes.

I started my run from my buddy Chidi’s apartment on Market Street in York City and did an 8.5 mile loop which included my favorite climb in the area: I ran up the streets in “Big house lane” to the top of Wyndham Hills. I started my run slightly bummed, because apparently it’s unrealistic to think headphones from a drug store should last more than two weeks.  Even though I was not able to DJ my run, I enjoyed running around to the sounds of the city on this overcast, drizzly mid-day adventure.

I felt good on today’s run. The objective of the run was to just get out there, stay relaxed and start logging miles. I want to be more consistent in my training this year and hopefully that rolls over to other aspects of my life.


I wore the Hoka One One – Clifton 2s on the run, as pictured above, with these stylish church socks for some warmth. I was able to show some skin, which I’m sure the residents of York County enjoyed, because even though the temperature was in the high 30s, it felt a lot warmer compared to recent weather.

https://www.strava.com/activities/818970698  – Complete info on today’s run.